SEUMAS SARGENT in "TOM OF FINLAND" now in competition at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival!

SEUMAS SARGENT in biopic of Finnish artist, Touko Laaksonen in TOM OF FINLAND has been accepted into the New York Tribeca film festival during April 19th - 30th.

“Touko Laaksonen lived in a time when the laws and norms of the society tried to deny him the right to be himself. His story is an indication how a man can change the world with only the artists’ tools as ammunition,” Karukoski has said.
"It’s impossible to overstate the impact Tom’s work has had on the image and self-image of gay men all over the world. He created the archetypes that now form an integral part of the iconography of popular culture, both gay and straight,” Aleksi Bardy, producer and partner at Helsinki-filmi, told Variety when announcing the project.